First Mover Resorts

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an interesting article about company-owned resorts and how organizations such as Kohler, Cuisinart, and Viking are using them as marketing tools — and auxiliary spin-off businesses. See the article here. (Online subscription required.)

It's an interesting idea: Vacation property as showcase for a business's products and services. Certainly, not every company has a natural hospitality sideline opportunity, but how else might this be pursued? The concept reminds me of Chip Conley's Joie de Vivre properties, which are inspired by magazines.

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  • Anonymous

    beg to differ..totally new. First, resort business is stagnated as anyone plugged into the field already knows. Sales and marketing departments beating each other over the head stealing market share. Hardly, "very busy" with new business. Dog eat dog to the Nth degree. Carriage trade in Vail will always pay top dollar, its the mid-market in Shit-Creek Oregon to Swamp-Water Ozarks that fight to the death over each and every group booking. There, a novel idea of theme marketing products throughout the resort from rooms throughout the resort to the very skin of the snow which will be a success.
    How-some-ever, trying to get hospitality management to think that creatively will be like cracking fossilized dinosaur eggs out of mountain sides. Don't think so? Where is Sheraton these days.
    Roger Fulton, Hotel Consultant, Yuma Arizona

  • mahendrakumardash

    Itis nothing new.Now resort and hotel business is doing good business with the growth of toursim and growth of new wealthy middle class who are often very busy with their hectic time schedule and try to get some time off during the busy work schedule.They get good money too. Vaction and hospitality busniness now thrive on them and it has off late become a big business.