War and Peace (Sponsored by Northrop Grumman)

Another sign of the crumbling wall between traditional media and advertising... MIT's Branding Cultures blog reports on a Russian advertising firm that sells product placement in pulp fiction and sci-fi novels. The firm keeps a stable of 20 authors (listed on the site) and, according to Branding Cultures, offers potential clients "direct in-book advertising on dust cover, wrappers and special bookmarks, as well as inclusion of product samplers and full-page color inserts." Ambitious companies can even contract to have entire plotlines and characters developed around their wares. ((Shudder)) Tolstoy would have been proud.

No word on whether or not the company includes a label or fine print distinguishing paid material from authentic, um, art.

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  • mahendrakumardash

    With advancement in every field the traditional media and advertising are undergoing rapid changes every moment.Peoples'choice is also fast changing and more demanding.In order to remain in business,it has to undergo a transformation and with thrust on web and computer reaching almost all parts/sections of society through out the world,lot of things are yet to come.And it is not unexpected.

  • Jim

    A few years ago I worked for an office furniture company and everyone was excited because our product placement lobbyists had convinced ABC to write an entire episode of Will & Grace all about fighting over one of our office chairs. Of course, there was no label like the one you suggest. Just a half-hour commercial disguised as entertainment.