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Storyboard Your Work Life

In the October issue, Paul Lukas considered the anti-PDA, the classic Moleskine notebook. I carry one with me all the time, and I recently became enamored with the maker's storyboard style, which is perfect for storyboarding TV commercials, PowerPoint presentations, and even Web sites.

So I was pleased to receive an email from Avi Solomon today, expanding on how he uses storyboarding as a goal-setting tool. He's used it to document his past — to better understand where he is — as well as to plan for his possible futures.

Solomon also refers to DIY Planner Storyboards, a downloadable PDF of 12 storyboard template pages you can use for any number of projects. A useful tool!

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  • Mark Alan Effinger

    Storyboarding has a long and valuable history... and applied in your work, can really crystalize ideas and solutions to problems... as well as the problems themselves.

    Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping is such a tool. By starting from a central origination point, you jump-off on threads of ideas... these maps help to empty your mind of the various components of an issue, idea, concept or problem, and give them visual clarity.

    A company I founded RichContent Brainstorming Software has worked for the last 5 years developing a system that helps people go wild with Associative Thinking, then get those thoughts into instant storyboards with simple clicks. We call it "Linear Mindmapping".

    OK, so being software it lacks the tactile nature of moleskin... but by providing electronic and paper output that shows every step of your creative process in storyboard fashion (including images, web links, word associations, keyphrases and definitions), you can quickly turn your creativity into productivity.

    And in the end, isn't that what we're collectively seeking? A fast, effective and visual way to map past, present and future to solve our bigger problems?

    Let me know if you agree. Please feel free to connect with me at

    And thanks for the inspiring article. Fast Company and Inc. continue to keep me on the edge of good business.

    Best of success to all,
    Mark Alan Effinger

  • Edgar Neo

    I've notived the anti-pda trend sometime ago. But after carrying several offline planners and/or Moleskines with me I now have a planner/storyboard tool on my Sony Ericsson P910i. Once filled in I can easyli print the file via bluetooth and put it up my wall in the office, etc.

  • Earl

    Nice - I downloaded the story board. Thanks! I use a couple of Moleskine's. I keep a large format sketch one in my briefcase as a journal for quiet time insights and sketches and photos. I have a small format lined one that I use as my walking and fitness journal. I use a Palm Tungsten E, too, but you can't beat the simple sensuality of pen on paper, and the nice feel of the Moleskine quality. It feels good to use it!