The Design of Business

bplusd is a recently revitalized blog that may be of interest to people who follow the Design Resource Center and Fast Company's annual Masters of Design packages.

Recent entries touch on value-centered design, the impact design can have on your business model, and abductive thinking. Might be one to add to your design blogroll.

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  • Helen, web designer

    Thank you for the link. I value high the design impact and feel its influence.

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  • mahendrakumardash

    There may be slight changes here and there ,but the basic business design remains the same unless it is verymuch warranted which is quite unlikely.

  • ASb

    Why don't you screen the jackasses/SPAM scumbags from this story.
    I always love how FREAKING stupid they are - no subtlety.

  • Bill Vanooteghem

    Helping Delphi workers from their financial future. I started back in June 2005 offering Delphi hourly emplyee's free advise on how they could off-set their wages useing their computor. I was shocked of the number of people who did not take advantage of this offer. The good news is; some took advantage of it, and are doing well.
    Bill VanOoteghem