An Apple a Month...

Tomorrow Apple is having another event announcing new products. While rumors persist of a video iPod, believes there will be a new version of the standard iPod with 80GB, as well as upgraded Mac computers. Other rumors are colored iPods, including a pink Madonna-edition.

I blogged about the September 7 event when they announced the iPod Nano and Motorola's ROKR iTunes phone. And here we are again, Jobs and Co. already generating buzz and speculation. Whatever the announcements are, the story for me is that they are even having announcements.

It's only been a month; do they need to have another media circus? How quickly does Apple need to innovate to remain dominate in marketshare? With everybody craving a Nano, do they really need a new product launch so soon? And does Apple really need a huge event to maintain their dominate mindshare in the public? IPod has become a part of our culture—white has never been more popular.

At what point can such overt marketing be labeled self-indulgent? And can a company over-think and over-manage their product line?

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  • Sean

    I think the press and the public will always be tough on apple because in my humble opinion, from the begining, apple has established an emotional relationship with audience and media.

  • Joe

    Over my two+ decades of interest in Apple, I'm always amazed at how tough on Apple the press can be. In past years, Apple would announce a healthy profit and the headlines would read "Apple Floundering Financially." Where Microsoft, Dell, and Intel get much slack for mediocre products, Apple has had to fight for every kudo it received. So, where other companies might not need the showmanship to maintain mindshare, Apple absolutely needs the hype to stay relevant. As a friend said to me just yesterday: "Why buy an Apple? Who uses Apple anyway?" The attitude persists even today.