Building a Better Business

FC Now reader Kate emailed us today about an awesome project she's involved in. Alane By Day is a blog — and business development experiment — in which Transformist (Kate's firm) and a team of experts help a woman build a dynamic architecture business in 10 weeks.

There's quite a bit to catch up on, as they're already on day 11 of 82 — 13% of the project! — but entries to date appear quite in depth and insightful. Content comprises commentary by the architect Alane Ebner herself, interviews with the design panel of experts, and reports on meetings and discussions among the participants.

It's like reality TV, only better. A business blog to watch!

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  • Rich Brooks

    I think what makes this more interesting than the typical business blog is the fact that 80% of new businesses fail in the first year.

    Although I doubt we'll see melt downs ala The Restaurant, just the difficulty in launching a new business makes this an interesting read.

    Of course, most of us entrepreneurs don't have a team of experts working for us gratis to get things up and running in a new venture.

    So, in some ways, there's as much "reality" here as in a typical reality show.