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Bounty to Please

The current edition of the Springwise newsletter turned me on to YorZ, a bounty-driven, job referral service. It's like a job board, but it turns job seekers into bounty hunters.

While normal postings cost USD 10, the fee is waived if the employer chooses to pay a success-based bounty of USD 50 (EUR 39.90/GBP 27.10) or more. The bounty system encourages consumers to become headhunters, scouting their friends, colleagues and family for listed jobs.

Interesting. Most job seekers are solely looking out for themselves. When was the last time you started looking for a new job — for someone else?

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  • Larry Brown

    Years ago I found a job for someone else in the Washington Post classified. I was not looking for a job, but was looking for her. Turns out she landed the job and I earned respect.

    Not sure $50 would have changed my action. That is one of the reasons why I am a Company of Friends member, principles are more important than money.

    Larry Brown

  • Jamy Nigri

    YorZ is one of the tools that many top or emerging web design companies are using to source talent. What better place to look than in the places where web-minded individuals are surfing? If you look at some of the companies that are using this service, you will see an interesting array of quality, web based companies.

    Increasingly, services such as this or LinkedIn are more popular due to the nature of introductions from mutual business or personal associates.

    I have used these services to send notification to people who I felt could be a 'right-talent-fit' for these companies, which has resulted in some career changes. I believe services such as these emphasize the value of maintaining a strong network; simply put, because friends look out for friends, and this is another avenue to help someone find that dream job...which is always a good thing!