Boxed In

You'd think companies would be smarter than this. Uber-shipper FedEx sent a cease-and-desist-type letter to the creative and frugal Jose Avila, who runs, which shows his creations: furniture made from FedEx shipping boxes. True, these "beds" and "sofas" may not be entirely aesthetically pleasing. But why is FedEx so concerned about brand dilution. If anything, this is free advertising for them. (After all, Avila could've gone with DHL.) If they can bear to have their name co-opted by an underachieving wide receiver and plastered all over a movie where Tom Hanks talks to a volleyball, then surely they can stand a guy showing a little ingenuity with their boxes.

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  • roger fulton

    I've got even BETTER idea - - use the return fedex boxes for your business, save them, then form them into furniture.
    That way, you can declare "furniture" as an expense on your 1040 against your business that year.

  • Kurt Maddox

    I've been looking for the just the right furniture that would fit my industrial modernism tastes but not exceed my industrial laborer budget! I wonder if the UPS color scheme would look better in my living room, though?

  • Matt

    FedEx's reaction is the result of natural corporate evolution:

    hunger --> greed --> paranoia

  • Trish

    You would think that they could use the furniture to show how sturdy and strong their packaging materials are. Me, I would have paid him to make a set for me and put them on display in my lobby.