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How I Spent My Summer Vacation

If you have children, how did they spend their summer vacation? Did they go to summer camp? When I went to camp, I learned how to build towers out of logs — and rope we made ourselves. Today, it seems like there are a lot more options.

Case in point: The Girls Inc. Corporate Camp. Last month, 15 young women — ages 14-18 — participated in a six-day program that took them inside the operations of important businesses, alongside the leaders who run them. Participants developed products, as well.

What other learning-oriented camp experiences do you know about?

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  • Kurt Maddox

    My summers were spent in football, basketball and baseball camp. I learned alot and many of the lessons were about life and not about sports. But, I sure wish my parents had sent me to Corporate Camp, too! Very few kids will ever play professional sports but they can all start their business.

    I have a 12 and a 10 year old. I'll see if I can interest them in Corporate Camp next summer!