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Can You Spare Some Change?

Looks like Amazon's changing its book business model from just being a seller to also being a publisher — the company will be publishing short stories as e-books for 49 cents. As an unpublished writer of fiction, it immediately drew my interest. Then I read Amazon would mostly deal with established writers. What about the many authors who haven't been adopted into the industry yet?

I think businesses should be open to unexpected opportunities. Sometimes it's the outsider's perspective that could lead to great insight. A company's culture and routine may blind it to betters way to achieve success. Or even worse, management could be blind to the holes they've dug themselves into unless someone a step removed points that fact out to them. And while consultants can provide this service, it usually takes a new face with lofty goals to really change things.

What do you think about freelancers and unorthodox talent?

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  • GT

    I think Amazon needs to leverage its influence by promoting unpublished authors as well as the established ones. They could be helping the next great writer get started. Give the next guy a chance to stand on your shoulders to reach his goal.

  • Dick Richards

    For about three months a few years ago, one of my e-docs was their #1 best-seller. It was an ego kick to beat out the Bible (#2) and something by Steven King (#3). But the important part of the story is that my e-doc achieved #1 status with sales of about 10 copies per month, and that was mostly because amazon chose to promote it. I get far more readers than that at my blog. So I am not the least bit intrigued by forty-nine cent electronic documents. If getting my stuff read is the issue, I am better off blogging. If an ego kick is the issue, this might be a decent way to get one if amazon chooses to promote your piece. And, if money is the issue, well...I wouldn't count on it.

  • Lisa

    I don't see why they would only work with established authors, although I agree with Sunny that it would be time consuming to sift through tons of anonymous entries. As a voracious reader (not writer), I have to say this notion doesn't attract me at all. I have so many [published] books on my "to be read" pile that I wouldn't want to spend time searching for something I may not find (ie something that's to my taste), even if it is only 49 cents.

  • Laura

    I disagree - Amazon should open it up to more writers. They could have criteria which made it possible for anyone to post if they were truly interested.

    Why would we want the content to be only that posted by "established writers"?

    After all the cream always rises to the top. The best posts will get noticed - they do not need to be sifted by Amazon.

  • Sunny

    as a "writing consumer" (I think that was "reader" at some point), who works, has kids and a husband and house (etc.) I don't have time to wade through a ton of stuff even at 0.49 each. For me, it's as much about quality as quantity. So you're stuff is quality, you say. Probably is. There's a lot of good writing out there, which is why my Blog folder is the biggest in Favorites (and frankly needs to be culled again). But what you maybe need to understand is that here in flyover country, I need someone to help me sort through stuff. If Amazon loads everybody's 0's and 1's, then I'm not going to go there because I am already overwhelmed, thank you very much. If it becomes a chore for me to choose, then its off of my "leisure time" list.

  • Kurt Maddox

    As an undiscovered genious, I believe they should call me immediately and option all my blogs immediately before Google discovers me and leverages my writing talent to take over the publishing world. No, really, I'm serious!

  • Kare Anderson

    As a published author I agree. It seems short-sighted to not open the floodgates and let the readers vote by purchasing & commenting. Just seeing the fertile mix of fiction tcan't help but prime the pump for others' creative juices and to discern trends from the collective imaginations of new writers 9and readers, perchance

  • Chris Woodruff

    Strange how in just 10 years, Amazon has forgotten where it came from. Wasn't Amazon the company that wanted people to do business differently? They could do great things by having authors that are outside the establishment published by Amazon. What could you hurt with $0.49 ebooks? How hard is it with just 1's and 0's? Too bad Amazon has crossed over into the Big Business world and has forgotten its past. Just makes room for a new innovative company to fill the void it has left.