Kozmo Comeback

Remember Kozmo? New York-based MaxDelivery seems to be reviving that failed dotcom business model. Oddly enough, they don't deliver to where I live... or where I work. They don't deliver to midtown Manhattan?

What do you think: Does the old Kozmo model still have promise?

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  • Keith Wilkins

    I hope they stick around. The last time I ordered, MaxDelivery came in about 15 minutes.

    I occasionally order DVDs from them but it's really nice to just order ice cream and what I'd normally schlepp out and get at the drugstore.

    It's interesting that MaxDelivery is getting so much press right now.

  • Jeremy Pepper

    The original Kozmo, or the bloated dot-com it became? The delivery of DVDs, candy, soda, and other junk food was a great idea - when it became more, it became a monster.

    If you looked at LA, Pink Dot was a beloved grocery delivery service, mainly for those late night deliveries. When it tried to change to PDQuick, it died a painful death.

    But, with Netflix and Peerflix now, do we need a one-hour DVD delivery service? There is a market for it, though.