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Being Number One

On his journal, Neil Gaiman spoke about being Neil Number One. I went to Google and put in my name Kevin. I wasn't in the first hundred. But, when I put my last name I was surprised to find that I was Ohannessian Number One.

It's a strange thing, to be a small-time intern and number one in something. In this age of internet and Google dominance, it gave me a sense of pride. Alas, I don't think being Ohannessian Number One is bringing any sizeable traffic to my website or fiction.

The rise of search engines and contextual advertising is bringing creators, of all mediums, in touch with the purchasing public more easily. Companies are realizing that to really shine they need to be Soap Number One or Clothing Store Number One. A score card should emerge, how a company places compared to competitors on Google or Yahoo searches. What do you all think?

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  • mahendra kumar dash

    Was it at the top last year or can you guarantee that some better search engine may not come up
    days to come.I know it is good now.Development
    continues and it becomes tougher to remain at the top.It is only search engine where it is best at.

  • Martin Tibbitts

    Here's how you can guarantee first page for pennies. Simply pay for the Google adword yourself. I'm betting "Martin" goes for about a penny. Hmm.... be right back :)

    Martin Tibbitts

  • mahendra kumar dash

    Can you remain at the top for along while specially when every big companies are striving to be on the top?Once or twice on top is acceptable,but always on top means defeating history.Wait and watch please.Google is not alone in the race.

  • Dan Smith

    I'm screwed or blessed in the google department depending on your perspective....try googling my name sometime...

    Dan Smith

  • William Arruda

    If you don’t show up in google, you don’t exist. 63% of recruiters google candidates before deciding to bring them in (Recruiters World) and 23% of professionals admit to googling people (customer, colleagues, consultants, job candidates, etc.) before meting with them (Harris Interactive). I am fascinated with the ‘personal googling’ phenomenon. As the world becomes more and more virtual, your google results become increasingly important indicators of the strength of your personal brand. Career minded professionals at all levels need to pro-actively manage their on-line identities to stand out from their colleagues. Ever since Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex in the City’ googled the Russian to learn about him, personal googling has become a standard part of getting to know about someone. It’s the new millennium’s version of a reference check.

  • Chris Houchens

    Google Rank is extremely important that an entire sub-industry of SEO has sprung up around it.

    It would be nice to have an instant barometer of how popular you are on the engines without having to scroll through to find yourself. (...and then, add in the fact that it will change the next time the spider crawls)

    Uniqueness is the key. Taking the example of names...with my first name, Chris, I have no idea how far down I am. My last name, Houchens, pops up at #51 on Google. Luckily, with both names together, I have the majority of the first 10 results.

    Keyword are also important. I am proud of the fact that I and my company are the the #1 result for "Kentucky Marketing Speaker" and "Marketing keynote". I only know this because I ask clients what they searched for if they find me on the internet. I may be #1 on other keyword...but it's hard to find out and hard to keep that knowledge since it constantly changes.

    There has to be a tool or as you say a "score card" that would be useful...But it would soon get spammed by sites attempting to be number one on it as well.

    Chris Houchens :: Website :: Blog