Keeping Customers, Creatively

Concerned about losing your customers? Maybe you need to find a new way to work with people and teams who've grown beyond your existing products and services. Ebay has done just that.

Rather than lose experience, high-volume vendors to their own online storefronts — fancy that — Ebay has found a way to keep working with vendors, even as they go independent. The plan? Ebay will provide a suite of online commerce tools and charge users between $6.95 and $249.95 a month depending on the depth of the tool set.

It's important to keep working with former employees. How do you keep working with former customers?

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  • Don Fitchett

    Actually, if an Ebay store is a viable solution for you, then the smart move would be to maintain many online popular stores. We have been selling downloadable industrial training material for years at Business Industrial Network and our subsidiary companies.

    Our strategy is to set up more online stores. To name a few, ebay :>), halfbay, payloadz, paypal, amazon, yahoo, froogal (google store), etc.

    Note: Froogal does not actually process payments, but when it comes to product sales, generates a lot of sales from a store like format.

    Then of course, we also accept credit cards on our own sites via our own merchant account. Experience has taught us that none of the above can be discounted because of the revenue they generate.

    As with diversity in store listings, many type of payment methods is also a great sales plan. We currently accept credit cards thru our merchant account, but actually do more sales thru paypal. We will eventually offer our customers other popular payment methods too, such as bidpay, etc.

    As Corey Rudl states ...
    "It's all about giving your customers choices--and about capturing every sale you can."
    (Ref: )

    Tip: Do not put all your eggs in one basket, diversity is the smart company's choice.