Courtesy of the Badder Business Bureau

Have you had a bad customer service experience like Chuck? We'll be sure to ask again once we launch this year's Customer Experience Awards, but for now, mope — or stride self-righteously — on over to the Rip-Off Report, an online service that collects and archives customer complaints.

While it's unclear whether the service actually shares reports with the businesses in question, scanning the site is a fun — and somewhat productive — exercise in customer experience voyeurism. Equal parts sour grapes and caveat emptor.

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  • Craig Tingvold

    While it may be fun to read these rants, it also does damage to companies who may not deserve it. Many people rant in the moment and realize later that they were to blame because they didn't do what they should have done. The post is left in cyberspace forever while the "injured" party has moved on. Most claims aren't even substantiated.