The List

In the June 6 edition of The Deal, Jeffrey Kanige offers his pecking order ot People Whose Opinion Matters to most executives:

  • Head of compensation committee
  • Eliot Spitzer
  • Paramour
  • Outside directors
  • Maitre d' at Per Se
  • Spouse
  • Head pro at Winged Foot
  • Analysts
  • Kid behind the counter at Michael's Deli in East Quoque
  • Shareholders

Who's on your list?

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  • Dr. Wm. L. Wiley

    In order of who is important to me in my own life right now:
    1. My relationship with my maker.
    2. My relationship with my wife.
    3. My relationship to my children.
    4. My relationship with my fellow man.
    5. My relationship to Board of Directors
    6. The target audience for my company's products.
    7. The IRS
    8. The SEC
    9. The guy who services my cars, the guy who cuts my grass, the guy who takes care of my home...that'd be me.
    10.The opinions of others who opine away...without having their priorities in order. They are the only people who I really could care less about than I care for myself...and still feel good about myself.