Read Letter Day

Today's edition of Cool News of the Day comments on Joey Katzen's Retail Alphabet Game, in which you strive to match letters with the company or product logo from which they're taken.

The game reminds me of Capitalis Pirata, a typeface we touched a year-plus ago, as well as other DIY typeface tools. What font do you use most often? I'm a big fan of Arial.

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  • Shena Ni

    Gill Sans when I need sans serif, Garamond for serif. You didn't ask why we choose them, but I offer because they're very clean and simple, without being the same 'ol Arial and Times New Roman...

  • Maybe,Maybe Not

    Last two days blogs in FC have surpassed all parameters of blogatorial greatness ,Is it bcos impending Sale of FC has shaken people to their boots and made them churn out great material.