Infinitely Deferred Gratification

I'm not sure everyone in the financial world is up to speed on the attitudinal shift we're discussing. A half-page ad in last weekend's San Francisco Chronice featured the headline, "Why do we work?" displayed over the photo of an assembly line worker's hands, shifting a box.The text below read, "to keep the future growing". A bank called presumably paid a goodly chunk of its customers' money to share this pearl of wisdom with us all.

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  • Arun Sadhashivan

    Perhaps they did have a pretty "ordinary" advertisement, but they did get a mention on the FC Blog. Now who wouldn't want that kind of publicity - if of course, any kind of publicity is fine for this bank; moreover, the views expressed in the post above were not really negative, were they?

    It'd be great to know how many people actually went and looked for this bank's website after the post on FC.

    My 2 eurocents

    - Arun