Work vs. Life

Apropos yesterday's discussion about dream time: I arrived here in Helsinki to be reminded me that it is European Union policy to promote "a better work:life balance". This sounds all very advanced and mature until you realise that it defines work, and life, as two separate domains. Which explains (as if we did not already know) why so many people dislike or hate their work.

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  • Steve

    For me the terminology is wrong - balance suggests standing astride a seesaw and sometimes you can fall off!

    In my executive coaching practice, I prefer to use the terminology "work life integration" - in other words - the situation is addressed - and as in Margaret's comment - purpose, values and identity are congruent

  • Matthew

    Most people do not have the option of finding a job that fits into their vision of "wholness". They are concerned with the reality of the bills that have to be paid and the mouths that have to be fed. The concept of being able to lead an integrated life is just not a viable option. The appropiate challenge for them is to see the greater result of their work than simply the product or service they provide. Making a widget can be seen as putting food on your table.

  • margaret shepherd

    I've always felt the concept of a "balanced" life was over-rated. If you have a clear,compelling vision for your life, and live it full-out, there are no component parts to worry about balancing. There is wholeness and passion for your "all-of-a-piece" life. Work and play and family and prosperity and community and spirituality and learning are a single unified experience. Our challenge is not about balance, but about living in wholeness.