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Reading Design

Last night, Fast Company held an event at Moma to recognize the winners of this year's Masters of Design. At the event, I picked up a copy of Jane Fulton Suri's book Thoughtless Acts?

The director of human factors for Ideo developed the book to consider various aspects of design. Using wonderful photography, the tome addresses reaction and response, co-optation, exploitation, adaptation, conformity, and signals. Published by Chronicle Books, the book itself is a fine example of design thinking.

This morning on the train to work, I spent a good 30 minutes poring over the book — and I plan to take a deeper dive tonight. A book worth a look!

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  • Shena Ni

    So no one thinks this an unremarkable topic because there are no responses, I post--didn't buy Thoughtless Acts outright, but it was worth adding to my Amazon wish list and prioritizing highly.

    The Amazon reader reviews were unimpressive (and partially unimpressed), however: