Secretary Lariat

Oops! How could I have forgotten that this week is Administrative Professionals Week? Much less that today of all days is Administrative Professionals Day? Monster offers some useful tools for — and about — these oft-unsung heroes of the workplace. Be sure to express your appreciation today!

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  • Amazing Assistant

    As an assistant and a office manager, this week can bring the good along with the bad. There is a threat of being singled-out in your office where you are just trying to fit in and be part of the group. On the other hand, I would like to have some recognition, not for doing my job as we all should, but for those moments when we go above and beyond. Anyone in the administrative support field knows that this occurs often and we find ourselves wondering why we should even bother if no one ever says thanks. Also, as an emplyer you should not feel obligated to purchase gifts or anything of the sort unless you feel compelled to, this day is about saying thanks and meaning it. However, gifts are always appreciated!