Blizzard of Ozz

While Microsoft may have trouble innovating, the company's acquisition of Ray Ozzie's Groove Networks clearly indicates that it can buy the innovations — and perhaps innovators — it needs to compete.

Like Google's purchase of Blogger and experimentation with social network software via Orkut, this deal shows the growing potential of peer-to-peer collaborative tools. Will Microsoft break Groove? Or will Ozzie help make Microsoft the next-generation company it might be able to be?

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  • Simon Helm

    Groove is an excellent resource, but (like PGP) has been one of those great technologies that is difficult to get clients to use with you. Microsoft's acquisition will hopefully raise its profile with the IT staff who usually nix its use because they "haven't heard of it."

  • Stephan Verveen

    To the best of my knowledge, Microsoft already invested heavily in Groove years ago. The fact that they have acquired the company is merely a sign that the relationship was regarded very succesful and should be 'intensified'.