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What are your favorite design-related blogs? The best blogs about the design of business and the business of design? Tell us.

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  • Dominic

    Frank's right about there being lots of visual/advertising design blogs. But industrial/product design blogs aren't so common, especially those that aren't just lists of new "cool hunted" products. I write for IDFuel (Which I swear is a serious site, dispite this shameless plug) but I also love Worldchanging. And, Core77 often has some good stuff.

  • djs42s

    For good old informal chats about design, has a very good forum.They offer readers the chance to critique work and discuss
    the latest movies and cultural trends.

  • Frank

    Although there are many good blogs on design, I like B L A N K, a blog to explore design's heart and soul. Offers a unique perspective and lively discussion.