A Design for Working

How important is design where you work? Participate in the first Fast Track survey — and register to win an iPod Photo and Bose Sound Dock.

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  • Dan Lipe

    Seeing that I am a design professional, the short answer is "very important". It is what I do every day.

    By definition, design is "creating according to a plan". You must also consider what kind of design we are talking about. There is graphic design, fashion design, industrial design, interior design... I could go on.

    At work, I create, based on a plan, to accomplish a goal, whether it is to increase a company's bottom line or to help make people aware of important issues that surround the community. Every company should be involved in design at some level, as there ar many plans that a key in business:
    There is the business plan- the company is executed "by design".
    A marketing plan- gaining customers "by design".
    An action plan- carefully executed steps to achieving a goal.

    I think there is a better question here. "What parts of where you work are NOT affected by design?" The answers you come up with will give you a place to start when you are looking to increase your bottom line.

  • Niti Bhan


    I'd be curious to know if FC will be sharing the results of the survey with their readers? I for one would be very interested in the results.

    Niti Bhan
    Director, Graduate Recruiting
    Institute of Design
    Illinois Institute of Technology