Celebrating Success

Like Fast Company, Yahoo turns 10 years old this year. And today, the company is formally recognizing its birthday. How? By offering Yahoo users a free scoop of ice cream. Simply visit the site, print out the coupon, and get thee to a Baskin-Robbins. (There's an online store locator.)

How do you recognize milestones in your work? How does your company celebrate its birthdays and anniversaries?

[Thanks, Maggie!]

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  • Grace Alvarez

    We're so disappointed with Yahoo! I'm in Sydney and I saw the offer and I told my friends in Manila about it......they printed the coupon only to discover on fine print that the offer is good only in the US. Waste of colored ink!! Also, Yahoo and Baskin Robbins break boundaries....... but they're still too cheap to make the offer include the rest of the world.

    Yahoo, boo hoo.


  • kb

    It was great they were offering the ice cream for the ten yr. If you had only a black and white printer you were out of luck. They would only take color print outs. Stated the black and whites are copies. Would like to have enjoyed the ice cream.

  • Maureen

    For some reason I could never print out the ice cream coupon.
    Ah, well - great thought though!
    Happy Birthday Yahoo!!!