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(Rent) Controlling Interest

The March issue of Down East reports on a business in Nobleboro, Maine, that rents jigsaw puzzles. I'm Puzzled sells more than 800 different kinds of puzzles — and also rents them to residents of Lincoln County.

Fascinating! I don't picture puzzles as being eminently rentable — lost pieces, anyone? But for Maine natives, it's totally locally appropriate. As the Down East piece says, "Puzzles have been a Maine tradion ever since someone figured out that brainteasers are an excellent distraction for ... snowed-in March mornings."

We can rent cars, skis, roller skates, furniture, appliances, DVD's and other items — what are some of the less-sensible products that can be rented? Or should be?

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  • Paughnee

    What about renting exercise equipment - treadmills, bike, etc. I've never heard of this, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone is doing it.