Brand Overextension?

FedEx is taking a closer look at some of the merchandise being sold by Freddie Mitchell, the other outspoken wide receiver from the Philadelphia Eagles, according to an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Along with such monikers as "The People's Champ," "Hollywood," and "First Down Freddie," Mitchell also goes by the nom-de-gridiron "FredEx," which is stiched on hats for sale at his Web site (next to t-shirts emblazoned with the saying "I [heart] My Hands"). Say what you will about his on-the-field talent (8 receptions, 96 yards, 2 touchdowns in the playoffs), but, as an Eagles fan, there's nothing like a little clever self-promotion. I just hope he posts better numbers next season.

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  • Mike Bawden

    Seems to me that when the Eagles "absolutely, positively" needed someone to come through in the clutch, it was T.O., not Fred-ex, they could rely on. Freddie Mitchell is too much talk and not enough walk. If I were FedEx, I'd prefer to associate myself with the Patriots: right colors, right attitude, winning team.