Cent Valentine

Valentine's Day is coming up, and stopping by a Hallmark store earlier this week, I was surprised how easy it was to drop $25 on greeting cards. (Valentine's and St. Patrick's, combined.) So I was intrigued by a recent article in the Ottawa Business Journal about Valentine's spending.

  • Men spend an average of $74, while women spend $47
  • 21% of men will spend between $1,000 and $5,000, while 9% of women will do the same

How do you recognize Valentine's Day? Do people in your office do anything? (I bought coworkers kiddy cards like I exchanged in grade school.) What's the buzz when someone gets sent flowers at work?

And... will you be my Valentine?

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  • Lisa kelsey

    Thanks for the valentine, Heath! I always wanted to know what my "superhero" name was...apparently it's "comet."

  • Shawn Lea

    My theory is that men spend more because they generally wait till the last minute. I gave my five-year-old son his Valentine's present this morning and jokingly asked him where my present was. He gave me a big hug and said, "Mom, I just gave you my heart." That's all we want in the end - and no amount of money can buy it. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. (And, yes, Heath, I will be your Valentine's! With a name like Heath Row, how could I resist?) ;)

  • Kelleen

    Are you going to drop between $1,000 and $5,000 on me? HAHA!

    When someone gets flowers at the office we all OOH and AHH over them. I like the kiddie card idea too and plan to do that for the people in my office. For our family, we usually buy our children a gift and something thoughful for each other. We tend to go for something personal and meaningful instead of dropping the big bucks, but diamonds are always acceptable.

  • Bob

    Those numbers contradict each other.

    If 21% of men spent $1000 and the other 79% spent nothing, that would be an average of $210/man.

    Reading the source article it looks like one survey was "actual spending" and the other survey was "intended spending". Still, 1/5 intending to blow >$1000 is crack-addled.