So Long, Carly

So, Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina got the axe today. It's worth asking the fascinating question that FC's George Anders posed nearly three years ago: What if Carly were a man? Would (s)he still be CEO? Would HP's board, its directors, and the media have cut a guy more slack? Would the stock be any higher?

HP's stock shot up 8% on the news this morning. A female colleague here quipped: that's because most stock traders are guys.

What do you think?

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  • Jason Johnson

    Only in America can you destroy a brand, thousands of lives, and still get paid handsomely for it. Now Fiorina should go get some training on how to run a business.

  • Johanna Rothman

    She had 5 years to create new products -- and didn't. Her firing isn't about being female; it's about incompetence at her level of management for this company. I blogged about this: CEO Success

  • KeyMaster

    What if she was black? bla bla FC is too much of a good business magazine to start this kind of debate. I read so many articles or interviews of/about Carly, and she seemed to be a goodf CEO, she did something that did not work out and the board is getting rid of her, well doesn't that happen to a bunch of CEOs? She will have something to run again soon...and yes good vacation Carly!

  • Jim

    This eventuality should not be much of a shock to people in the industry. The CEO's job is to grow the company in the face of whatever comes along. Amazing really given the economy more nonperforming (for whatever reason) leaders are not replaced. There but for the grace of the iPOD might go Jobs.

  • Aeijay

    Well, if key business decisions are made in the bathroom, shower, sauna or swimming pool--and let's face it, some are, then being a man may have helped Carl, or Carly. But seriously, this is not a conversation worthy of one of my favorite magazines. Look guys, if a company decides to can someone they do not particularly like, they will. Only record profits and great PR would hinder this board's impulse. See Apple--Steve Jobs for more insight on this. For a time, their board was willing to shipwreck one of best companies of the last thirty years out of spite for the guy--he is a guy, a white guy. (I'm black, by the way). So shed no tears for the HP lady. She'll be running something else soon enough. And I wish her a great vacation.