Mourning the Commute

WeatherBug, an online service that provides live streaming local weather, recently added real-time traffic updates, as well. Currently available only to users of Windows, the service is available in 20 markets — and soon to be found in 95. Might be a useful tool for people who go online at home before heading out on their drive to work.

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  • LLD

    I depend on WeatherBug as a reliable source of locally reported weather and traffic. After more than a year as a user, I have nothing but praise for it!

  • Dave Chase

    I perceive Spyware as something that gets on your machine without your explicit consent and then tracks stuff that you aren't aware of. To my knowledge Weatherbug does neither. In fact, they are a leader in an organization that's trying to combat Spyware ( I also have anti-Spyware software loaded and it doesn't remove Weatherbug which I think it further testament to the fact that the anti-Spyware companies don't block Weatherbug. Also see what they have to say at

  • Lora Adrianse

    I used to be a weatherbug user! I LOVED knowing what the temp was all the time. Then a geek friend said..."get that off your computer it's spyware".

    I wonder how we could validate whether it is...or isn't? I'd hate to think we're encouraging the world to download more spyware.