Ron Knows Joe

Better joe at McDonalds?! Linda's post earlier today about McDonalds upgrading its coffee got me wondering... What ever happened to McCafe, the pilot restaurants introduced in 2001? We were supposed to see hundreds of them by now. Has McDonalds backed down from the concept, deciding to boost in-house options rather than go up against Starbucks with free-standing cafes? Or are McCafes really out there and I've just overlooked them? Anybody?

Meanwhile, as long as Ronald is upgrading his coffee, how about a better burger?

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  • James

    I found this blog looking for coffee. I got my Capresso at JL Hufford, and I love it. It a C1500!!!

  • Simon Helm

    The concept is alive and strong in Europe, where McCafes form sections in existing restaurants, even with their own seating areas. On a recent visit to Budapest, not only was the McCafe section of a central McDonalds the best designed space we found in the centre, it was serving excellent coffee and pastries. It sounds so wrong, and I have an objection to relying on McDonalds when travelling, but there it was.

  • Zennie Abraham

    I think McDonalds need to focus it's efforts on new products. I vote for a replacement to the aged "Big Mac." I would call it "The Superjumbo" and work a marketing deal with Airbus Industries as they roll out the A-380. I'd even have a contest, where the winner is the buyer of every 10,000th Super Jumbo and that person wins a trip on, you guessed it: The A380. The Superjumbo jet.

  • Mike Wakelam

    The McCafe idea originated in Australia and has spread like wildfire over here recently. The set-up here is a store within a store concept.
    It seems like every McDonalds around has one now, here's a list.
    They are doing quite well considering the competition from Starbucks and Gloria Jeans. The one thing no one has done here yet though is drive through coffee - I understand it has been quite successful over there.