Thinking Outside the Thesaurus

Tired of your solutions provider asking you to think outside the box to create a new paradigm and align your core competency to create incremental synergy to increase customer centric metrics? So are a lot of other people, according to a survey from financial staffing firm Accountemps.

Personally, I don't think the word "solutions" should be used when not applied to math equations or chemical mixtures. Of all the things to survive the dotcom bubble, you'd think that this sort of jargon would have suffered the same fate as hyperinflated job descriptions. Find new words, and create your own paradigm.

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  • Jennie Robinson

    Michael: So, you don't think outsiders understand the term "solution." Any suggestions on a unilaterally appropriate word or phrase to replace it? Industry-specific... packages? Departmental problem-solving actions?

    I don't think the word is the problem -- it's its inappropriate usage!

    Its application to non-mathematical situations certainly didn't dawn with the dot-com. Check it: the primary definition in trusty old M-W is pretty darn generous.

  • Eben Carlson

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  • Emily Thorson

    Your point re: solutions is illustrated quite nicely here:
    Part of the Solution