Go Green, Get Green

Hyperion, a software company, announced this week that employees who purchase a Toyota or Honda hybrid (or any other vehicle that gets more than 45 miles per gallon) over a gas-guzzler will be reimbursed $5,000. Given that Hyperion aims to reimburse about 200 of their 2,500 employees each year, this adds up to a hearty $1 million per year to put the brakes on global warming and conserve natural resources.

When I heard the news, my first instinct was to roll my eyes and call their Drive Clean to Drive Change initiative just another "social responsibility" PR ploy. Cynicism aside, I have to hand it to them for using their organization as a real vehicle for environmental change. On their website, they even offer a "Companies for Clean Air Consortium" to help other companies create similar programs. Check it out and see if your company would be willing to incorporate a similar practice.

What other surprising corporate environmental or socially responsible practices have you heard about recently? At your own company?

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  • Debra P

    I give the company credit for trying to do their part but I am far from impressed by the new hybrid cars. I live in Chicago and I see the city trying to do their part by increasing public transportation, adding bike lanes to almost all city streets, numerous bike racks along the streets, as well as on front of buses and on the 'L'. To me this makes much more of a difference then purchasing hybrid cars. The savings just aren't there yet, even living in Chicago that has one of the highest gas prices in the country right now ($2.50 in the city for the cheap stuff).

    Other posters were right ... Toyota is getting a lot of free PR!

  • Cory

    Simple solution ... mass transportation. If cities like Atlanta would understand the benefit of a true mass transportation system instead of their pathetic MARTA system, the world would be a lot better off.

  • Richard M

    45Mpg - big deal. Small diesel cars in Europe get 60Mpg+. When is the media going to stop doing Toyota's PR work for them? Hybrids are a gimmick that makes rich 'greens' feel better when just driving less would be a more positive contribution.

    Hybrid cars use more natural resources in their manufacture and contain far more poisonous heavy metals than a conventional car. And has anyone else bothered to question how lugging around the weight of two complete power sources can be more efficient than carrying just one? If the Prius uses less fuel than an SUV, it is purely becuase it weighs less. Save yourself some money and buy any other small car. Of course then you don't get to brag about how 'green' you are as compensation.