Blog at Your Own Risk II

Two days ago, I wrote about a Flight Attendant that was fired because of pictures she put on her personal blog. Now there's the case of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who was (once again) fined by the NBA for posting on his blog that the league was foolish for starting the season on Election Day.

We'll put aside the idiocy of the NBA for now—I'm sure Mike and the Mad Dog have that covered— But Cuban raises some good questions, which I'll quote:

"Do the customers and fans of the NBA or other leagues, feel it makes the league appear stronger, weaker or unaffected when a player, owner, coach, GM, or executive publicly criticizes the league? Are you as a consumer more likely to purchase, watch, recommend our products, or are you more likely to reduce your attachment and purchase of our products? How does it affect how you interact with us?"

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  • LP

    Curious question, but I thought there was this thing called "freedom of speech" in the USA?

    Or is that only for people with REALLY good lawyers these days?

  • pete patel

    The NBA is living in the dark ages. By fining Cuban they are making themselves appear more cynical. Today, openness prevails. J.P. Morgan once said that he would rather go to jail rather than discuss personal affairs. Could you imagine that kind of anonymity today?