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Do the highly visible antics — and entrepreneurial activities — of Paris Hilton have a positive or negative effect on the Hilton Hotels brand? Some people think it has no effect — while others no longer stay at Hilton hotels because of the heiress. What do you think?

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  • Dave Carter

    Although I'm sure my stay has very little revenue impact on Paris herself.. I just hate the thought of funding even the tiniest portion of this spoiled brats life. Of course I'm a fan of her cinematic work and did purchase that. Did she get royalties on that?

  • Bob LeDrew

    I barely even associate the hotels with the bimbo. And being neither in the Hilton hotel demographic or the generation that would find someone like Paris Hilton anything more than a life form that makes no contribution to society whatsoever, I can honestly say that this question has made me think more about her in the last 10 minutes than I ever had in my life.

  • Eric Anthony

    I think Miss Hilton's antics, though not socially upright, have served to generate interest in the Hilton family and therefore their hotels purely through odd curiosity. I agree with the others that it will take more than that to make me spend upwards of $250 a night for a room without high speed internet.

  • Earl

    I don't think the two are that closely connected. I never thought less of President Carter because of his brother. The issues Kelleen brought up - in addition to being behind the curve in free internet connectivity in rooms - carry a lot more weight with consumers.

  • Rebecca

    Paris Hiltons association with the Hilton Branding is still at a distance. Her behaviour reflects poorly on the family name, but as a business the Hilton hotels seems to retain its own identity.

  • Kelleen

    I don't stay at Hilton anymore, but not because of Paris. It's because they seem to be shabby and unkempt. Just used. I don't want to spend $250+ for a room that is dirty and worn. I've found "discount" hotels that are in better shape than Hilton.