Noises On

Music and sound can be an integral part of a business's brand. Many leaders listen to music to inspire creativity and innovation. And now, it's been found that even your corporate voicemail welcome message can make an impact on your business — and bottom line.

The Top 100 Voice Brands project collects recordings of answering machine messages at companies such as AT&T, Bank of America, Pfizer, BestBuy, and Alamo Rent a Car. You can nominate additional voice brands, and organizations can even request a voice branding audit to gauge how they're doing.

[via Strategize]

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  • William Arruda

    Yes! I think sound is still under utilized by companies to build brand recognition and emotional connections. I think of how well Intel uses sound.

    Also of British Airways. They use the aria from Delibes' Opera Lakme in their ads, on the plane when you are waiting to take off, etc. If you go to Virgin records on Oxford Street and ask for the British Airways song, they immediately take you to the classical section marked 'D' for Delibes.

    Your post about voicemail is interesting. I work with people to build their personal brands. Voicemail is such an obvious tool for personal branding. Thanks!

    What have you done for YOUR brand today?

  • Windy Moore

    some people respond to noises well- alot of
    recording artists zone into backround sounds, the ocean, birds chirping, rain falling- etc.
    in your typical internet cafe- all you hear is
    the drone of the loud games firing and gun battles. believe it or not, even dissonant and undesirable backround sounds can invoke a certain
    conductivity. its not normal to consider going
    a bit off the tangent- but in terms of the phenomenal advancements thanks to VoiP- not only
    can a webconference have waiting music of all shapes and sizes, but also any sort of ad. or brand song- could really top off some people power, re: its the real thing...i'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony....type blasts. times square does quite a bit of that sort of appeal. sounds can really be "in"

    at the summitt that was broadcasted live through media players- had a
    sort of blog that had wild, metro. kind of music
    for the backround. evidently, selections should
    be chosen carefully- but now a days, doesn't just about "anything" goes, make it easier to "add sound"?