In the Divided States of America

For the nearly 55 million Americans who voted for John Kerry, the last couple of days have not been easy in the office. After months of digging in on opposite sides of the Iraq war, the economy, the environment, stem-cell research and gay rights, the two Americas have to share the workplace and cope with some very raw emotions.

As FC's Corporate Shrink Kerry Sulkowicz pointed out during the campaign, this is touchy territory. Co-workers who discover shared political views can form strong bonds that boost morale, but political disagreements can just as easily damage relations. Which is why some offices insist that politics is off-limits. Others adopt a lighter touch, such as decorating the left and right doors of an office fridge to reflect the blue and red camps.

Clearly, we need some ground rules this week: For starters, no rioting and no gloating. Any others you'd recommend? How does your office handle this?

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  • BartB

    This has actually been the worst part of the election race. The amount of intolerance, sniping and cruelty displayed in my workplace from Democrats has been nothing short of amazing.

    By staying calm (I'm about 15 years older then the average employee in the group) I was able to avert any ugly incidents.

    But now that the election is over I can sit back and gladly watch the office Donks all choke on their sh*t and die.

    Maybe I hould have spoken up more. But how do you reason with people who think you are "twisted and retarded"?


  • Rick

    It appears America's win is Canada's loss with so many American Democrats threatening to move up here. Aren't we liberal enough. Well at least now we have someone to blame for it. Thanks George W.

  • Ask Bjoern Hansen

    In the office where I'm consulting we are only hearing from Kerry supporters. Maybe being in Los Angeles and it being a young crowd in this corner of the building that's all there is here...

    I don't know, but I know I'm glad the Bush supporters (nee republicans) aren't speaking up if there are any, because I at least still have way too many raw emotions to be sure that it wouldn't make me -- look at them differently.

    - ask