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The Brand Called URL

Inspired by our recent piece about Richard Branson, FC Now reader John Boehm emailed me to mention a project he's been working on for more than a year.

Virgin Brand is a blog that tracks the ups and downs of Virgin's — and Branson's — brand performance. Seems to be a useful way to keep track of the company's business performance, as well as branding successes and missteps.

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  • Chris Houchens - Shotgun Conce

    With Branson's new "reality" show, he's pulling out all the stops to push the Virgin Brand in the US. But he's making a mistake. "Reality" TV is a great primer for what to do in branding. There's a great article (if I say so myself) about Branson and the correlation between brand strategy and "reality" TV here:

    RULE #1 - When discussing "reality" TV, you must always use quotes around "reality" whether writing or use air quotes when speaking ;-)

  • John Stanforth

    We wondered how Virgin Group would react to someone running a website with the Virgin(tm) in the name itself. Our own launches next week, but focused on Sir Richard himself. So, when he sells Virgin Records and creates V2, we stop covering the old and start covering the new. :-)

  • Nigel Burke

    I love the side bar "this blog is not associated with the virgin group...I just think they are very cool". What a fantastic resource if John were to apply for a job with Virgin at some point.

    Reminds me of the the best job application ever