Photocopy Cats

This Friday marks the 66th anniversary of the humble photocopier, a machine that can take awhile to warm up — but warms my heart to no end. There's just something about photocopiers: filling the tray with paper, waiting for it to collate your copies, the little indentation on the top where you can store paper clips. Photocopiers help us communicate within our teams and organizations, they can help liven up your workspace, and they can provide an ad hoc meeting space just like the proverbial water cooler.

Take a moment this week to learn about the development of the photocopier; how copiers work; and the history of companies such as Xerox and Ikon. And whatever you do, don't take your copier for granted.

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  • claudia

    Ah Mimeographs - talk about your sensory trip down memory lane - the fragrance of ink and the flip, flip, flip of the copies being made. It was my favorite assignment in school - go to the office and make "mimeos".

  • Tony

    From Mimeographs to Copier/networkprinter/system printer/ paperclip holder/stapler / coffee catcher all in the pursuit of Publish or Perish

  • Lisa

    They way the tray is always empty when you go to use it, the way they always jam when you're in a big hurry, the way it goes into power saving mode in the middle of the day and you have to wait five minutes for it to warm up every time you use it, the way the person who is supposed to change the toner is never there when it needs to be done and you end up spilling toner all over your clothes, the noxious fumes, trying to figure out how to orient the paper on the glass by deciphering all those confusing little marks. Absolutely, Heath....good times, good times!