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Desk Detail

After arriving in Irving, Texas, for a Company of Friends event at the local Wingate Inn, I caught up on the day's news by browsing the Dallas Morning News.

Late this summer, Calvin Klein, a highly design- and style-oriented company, circulated a memo requesting that employees' workspaces conform to the "Calvin Klein brand aesthetic." On its face, not a bad idea. I can imagine, sharp, smart, stylized offices and common areas.

Alas, the memo dictates that team members not display photos, knickknacks, or flowers — unless they're white. It goes on to outline approved office supplies: black folders, black binders, black pens (with black ink, no less). Black, black, black.

Seems overly limiting — by design. What do you and your colleagues do to ensure that your workplace is professional and productive — while still positively personal?

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  • Peter

    No limiting productivity move like at calvin's, photos of family and friends.