Open to Debate

On Thursday night we'll get treated to some of the finest political oratory this land has to offer when John Kerry, tall and tan, dull and drab, squares off for the first time against George W. Bush, whose license to use the English language should have been revoked years ago.

There's almost no hope of seeing someone actually land a knockout punch, since modern televised political debate has been reduced to a flurry of weak jabs and scripted talking points. But we'll all still tune in anyway to watch them duke it out, if only because whatever else we might have wanted to watch got pre-empted.

The question of the hour is: Who will win the debate?

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  • Lisa

    Well, I rest my case.

    Kerry "won" a debate largely about Iraq and yet according to the polls people still think Dubya is better equipped to handle the Iraq situation. Go figure.

  • Gerry

    If you check with the major TV networks you will find that they already "know". They will say that Kerry won and is on the upswing no matter what happens.

  • M. Russell Stewart


    Clicking "Post" once is sufficient. If your morning caffeine-induced tremors have yet to subside, or your politically-charged opinions are overwhelming the synapses in your brain, please delay posting responses to the blog until such time as you are not susceptible of being diagnosed with Parkinson's. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    The Rest of Us

    P.S. Will anything else of importance be part of the Bush/Kerry fight night other than Iraq, et al? Don't hold your breath. Jeff Truck's write-in wish hits dead center.

  • Lisa

    Even if Kerry "wins" which he almost certainly will, he will still lose.

    A coworker mentioned to me this morning that Dennis Miller said on his show that the worst thing Kerry could do during the debates is "look smart." So what's he supposed to do? He's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.

  • Brian

    I am not allowed to tell you who's going to win as my sources would then be breached and my life would be very similar to Mel Gibson's in the Conspiracy Theory.

    Aside from the humor (or lack of in the case of the 'debates') There will be no winner. There can be no winner. I think the debates shoud be open to all potential candidates. I heard the Libritarian's candidate (although I can't remember his name now) speak and it was very well thought out. It would be a lot more interesting to see a debate with him and say another popular candidate like Mickey Mouse. Now that would be entertaining!

    The real question should be would anybody care if only CNN and CNBC and say Fox News covered it? Do we need it on every channel like the government has Hijacked (oooh did I use the H word?) our Cable boxes? I'll probably Watch the Yankees anyways, I don't know why I even waste my breath, or in this case my keystrokes.

    And wow I think some people got carried away with their posting the same message 100 times! Yikes! I thought the candidates were obnoxious!

  • Dana Waterton

    Working with people who are getting born and dying, the debates make me focus on one thing.

    WHICH CANDIDATE IS GOOD, SPEAKS FROM A STANDARD OF SELFLESSNESS AND GREATER GOOD for all? Which candidate will be considered 'right' in 100 years, not by historians alone, not by we the people but by the Creator/Savior Who chose to let that candidate live to this very day. Our breath is a gift from God. May these two men use all their gifts, education, experience, love and hate in a wise and beneficial way. Even hate is around for good when it's used against evil. Romans 8 There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, and also all things work for good to those love God back, and answer His call for HIS GOOD PURPOSES. The purpose of good government is to PRAISE THE GOOD AND TO STOP EVIL. God bless those who dare stand alone, with God. One with God is a Majority, and the outcome will bless many.
    Dana Waterton

  • Jeff Trucks

    The political process has broken down so far it is impossible to have any real discussion of policies or directions. We should be ashamed that we let people be elected with 10 second sound bites. But, it seems that a good portion of the public is swayed by that strategy. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the debates. This year the whole process is making me physically ill. I'm going to vote for "Oh God, please, anyone but the above" as a write-in.

  • Peter Walker

    I'll tell you who will NOT win the debate: the American people. These candidates have so disastrously diverted their attention to two issues (Iraq and Military Records) there is no room or place for domestic priorities to be addressed. Regardless of which candidate "wins" the debate, rest assured that Americans will be left more frustrated than ever over being ultimately ignored by these two purported leaders.