After(life) a Fashion

Award-winning clothing designer Geoffrey Beene died yesterday at the age of 77. Widely considered one of the fashion industry's most innovative thinkers — no less than Jackie Kennedy wore his clothes — Beene focused on designing high-fashion, elegant clothing meant to be worn rather than merely seen on the runway or in a magazine. There have been innovations in how retail stores are designed, and fashion companies have struggled to reinvent themselves. What's next for workplace style? Business casual, more formal, something else? Who makes the most high-style, elegant business clothing?

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  • Christopher Kendalls

    Abercrombie, Gap, and some of the specialty stores are trying to make inroads into workplace clothing, although I doubt they'll be successful at it. Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with Armani and Calvin Klein, and everyone knows that Ralph Lauren is sort of an office casual king, with the clean attire.

  • Dana Waterton

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