Forget Coffee Breaks, Try Reading a Novel

The Wall Street Journal has an amusing article this morning about companies getting creative with their proverbial coffee breaks. One logistics company forms a daily conga line and at a New York PR firm, the boss had employees team up to paint a kitchen mural of a monkey sipping a pina colada on the beach. But nothing tops a packaging company, where employees are free to lounge on an outdoor deck and read a novel for hours at a time. Here's the owner's justification: "Our philosophy is, we're hiring adults. I don't question why they're not working." Of course, he admits later in the article that some employees, who "weren't able to find a healthy balance between, say, video golf and finishing assignments," had to be let go.

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  • Mark Anderson

    I agree with Peter's comments above! Nicely put!

    If you're looking for a funny pick-me-up during your business day, try some business cartoons!

  • Peter Khalbourji

    Of Course, the smartest psychological way is to give freedom and sense of responsibility to employees and let them do their daily job.There come some days where they can't work at all due to personal reasons which they may be weak to overcome and put aside.That's OK if they don't work and just mingle for a few hours and maybe a few days, but they will return to their senses pretty soon and work double the load in a short time.If you pressure them when they feel not working, they will let you feel they are working but in fact they will do the opposite and it will be for a long time just for revenge. They will give no more than 30% of their power to finish the job.
    At the end its not what they do every moment of their office hours and daily work that counts, but the overall results that their department and their company achieves is what really counts and what can be calculated for wheather the employees are working properly or constantly wasting time.

  • Zane Safrit

    One recipe for success:

    Hire adults; Incentivize them; Give clear expectations and timelines; Stay out of their way. Move quickly through those that can't work in that environment.