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Educators at the Michigan Business School have been pursuing what they call Positive Organizational Scholarship, a new organizational studies method that concentrates on excellence and positive deviance. Much of the material reminds me of appreciative inquiry and learned optimism and merits further exploration.

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  • jerry sternin

    just thought you might be interested in our website: I have a Ford Foundation Grant to amplify Positive Deviance,(PD) an approach my wife, Monique and I developed 13 years ago in Viet Nam and have been working on ever since.
    PD shares the "assets-based" approach with AI, however they are significantly different in their application, and areas for use. jerry sternin

  • Anthony Harris

    You are right. This sounds a bit like "appreciative inquiry" but I would be interested in understanding the linkage of these concepts to scholarship. Could someone please reference the Professor and/or staff member associated with this work at Michigan?