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Two screen writers have taken the concept of lovemarks — inspirational brands — to a whole new level, with the soon-to-be-released feature "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle." For those of you who don't know, White Castle is a Columbus, Ohio-based burger franchise that has a cult following on the East Coast. The screenwriters, so taken by the small, tasty, square patties that are the company's trademark (and which sit in your stomach for hours afterwards), wrote a whole movie around two guys trying to visit every White Castle in New Jersey. Not surprisingly, White Castle has embraced this extended "American-Pie-meets-Road-Trip" product placement. But who wouldn't want to see a movie featuring Doogie Howser himself?

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  • James Murray

    Looking for alittle help or advice, I have the idea now I need to find what to do with it,were do I go from here?


    Television is flooded with shows that can help you build a house, a gourmet meal or even a perfect relationship but How about building a business?
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    Their goal will be to present ideas to form the building blocks of the company from their respective expertise. Each idea "block" is then scrutinized for soundness as pertaining to the building of the company by a panel of proven experts.
    The panel of experts, drawn from today's top companies, will add insight into each idea "block" as to which idea is most prudent to successful construction of the business.
    The ideas presented during each episode are voted upon the home viewing audience) and adopted into the business model
    With each episode another part of the company is constructed! With each block being put into place an American company is built!

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    Jim Murray
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