Investing in the Support Economy

John Maloney recently announced the organization of a new group called Support Economy Ventures that aims to bring together a community of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, "deep support professionals," and other business leaders working to develop the next chapter in capitalism.

Based on the work of James Maxmin and Shoshana Zuboff, a Fast Company contributor who also hosts a small discussion group here, the group is holding a number of investment seminars in New York and San Francisco.

The principles espoused by the group are worth considering:

  • All value resides in individuals.
  • Distributed value necessitates distributed structures among all aspects of the enterprise.
  • Relationship economics is the framework for wealth creation.
  • Markets are self-authoring.
  • Deep support is the new meta-product.
  • Federated support networks are the new competitors.
  • All commercial practices are aligned with the individual.
  • Infrastructure convergence redefines costs and frees resources.
  • Federations are infinitely configurable.
  • New valuation methods reflect the primacy of the individual.
  • New consumption means new employment.

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  • James Murray

    Looking for alittle help or advice, I have the idea now I need to find what to do with it,were do I go from here?


    Television is flooded with shows that can help you build a house, a gourmet meal or even a perfect relationship but How about building a business?
    Much like building a house I propose to start from the ground up. We would recruit student from the best colleges and universities, finance, marketing, economics and engineering.
    Their goal will be to present ideas to form the building blocks of the company from their respective expertise. Each idea "block" is then scrutinized for soundness as pertaining to the building of the company by a panel of proven experts.
    The panel of experts, drawn from today's top companies, will add insight into each idea "block" as to which idea is most prudent to successful construction of the business.
    The ideas presented during each episode are voted upon the home viewing audience) and adopted into the business model
    With each episode another part of the company is constructed! With each block being put into place an American company is built!

    Building America strong together!
    With your help we can get there!

    Your friend in NJ
    Jim Murray
    Cell (609)230-1951

  • Katherine Stone

    Did the Support Economy group go away? For a while I was receiving a lot of emails and then they stopped. So I just re-signed up and clicked on the link to read the most recent messages and there were none. Did I screw something up, or is it on hiatus?

  • Jon Leer

    This sounds like a rehash of the franchised Venture Capital Club forums of the 1980s, where VCs, bankers, accountants and attorneys invited entrepreneurs to attend a monthly forum to sell their case. A great way to filter through who's who in entrepreneurs and entrpreneur-wanna-bes.

  • Peter Rees

    Interested to see what happens with SEV in New York ... what is the broader Fast Company involvement??