Beauty Is in the Eye of the Holder

Also in today's Times, a report on an exhibit at the Pratt Institute in New York: "Corvettes to Cuisinarts: Six Decades of Diversity in Industrial Design."

The exhibit of objects including items such as those designed by the makers of the OXO GoodGrip, will stick to the New York area, it seems, and appears well worth checking out.

However, I was more struck by a pull quote accompanying the piece. The quote drops the word "beautility," which is a term that begs further consideration.

Some objects are beautiful. Some are useful. And some are both. We need more that are both, I think. What are your favorite examples of objects that possess beautility?

Update: Frustrated that an online gallery of objects wasn't available online, I emailed the staff of Pratt. And while an online exhibit doesn't really exist, there are some photos of people perusing the products.

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  • Susan

    My sensa pen

    my (new) cast iron sink--as much as I dislike kitchen work, I find myself stopping and appreciating the depth, color, and finish of the thing, and how easily I can get things done. I never thought I would appreciate a sink!

    my (new) granite countertops--the motion in the granite makes the rock a work of natural art, and so far I haven't gotten tired of looking at it.