The Soundtrack of Success

In conjunction with Fast Company's July cover story about Howard Schultz's brand extension activities with Starbucks (accessible now by subscribers and newsstand readers), we're working on a side project — and we'd like your help!

Fast Company would like to compile a best-of playlist for the soundtrack of success. What songs, music, and musicians do you listen to while in the thick of a project? While crunching on deadline? To celebrate the close of a project? To position yourself and your business?

Submit your soundtrack of success. We'll consider all of the submissions and offer a final playlist online in the future.

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  • Katherine Stone

    I like an old standard that is on one of Diana Krall's CDs -- the lyrics are as follows: "pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again". Anyone fast is likely to fail once or twice, and needs a reminder to just get back up and keep going.

  • Elizbaeth Boston

    VerveLife...going to take a look at that, simply because as a person (personally and professionally), I have always utilized music to expand whatever may be occurring...good, bad, in the get psyched, to smile, to think, to pretend, etc, etc. And, Zach, is right on the money...payment for a vibe, but rather than determine my inner-vibe, mine would be how to change my vibe as necessary and/or wanted...again, why is a company not doing this more actively, or if one is, I wish I knew the company, or why am I not the company???

    Powerful stuff, that is, in my opinion, under-used!

  • Zack Lynch

    I've always wanted a sound track to life. Come to think of it, I would pay $10/month to have a personal DJ that could figure out my daily vibe. I bet their are some great DJ's that could get the attention of a 1000 people around the world. Think of it as a personal music streaming service downloaded daily into your ipod.

  • Justin Jarvinen

    It's about time! My company has been working behind the scenes for some time, helping companies (and individuals) leverage the powerful innate characteristics in music that motivate, inspire, and move people to action.

    Within the context of work, music can be used to improve morale, increase productivity and efficiency, and certainly, spark creative thought. We're all familiar with the "Mozart Effect" and how playing classical music can influence intelligence but we've managed to extend our research so far beyond that - including areas such as sonic entrainment and other areas of neurological and physiological functioning.

    My job is to help brands think of themselves in terms of music. "If I were a song, what would I be?" "What's my rhythm?" "How loud am I?" Music is proving to be a powerful tool that can be used to attract and retain, and to effectively promote the brand's core values. However, when not properly addressed, music can also cause serious problems for a brand (i.e. Ludacris and Anheiser Busch).

    So, whether you're an individual looking for the motivation to work out - or to get your creative juices flowing - or a mega brand looking to attract and retain customers, music is perhaps one of the most powerful tools available. I'd encourage everyone to run their own exercise... "If I were a song, what would I be?" It might open your eyes to a whole new world of discovery.

    Justin Jarvinen
    Managing Partner & Founder