Problem Solvent

Members of the Toronto Company of Friends group are currently discussing creative problem solving — and useful practices and processes. Among the tools people have mentioned so far are:

What other tools are folks using? Any experiences to share?

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  • Ginger

    You might also want to take a look at the methodology started by Michael Ray at Stanford 25 years ago, or check out his book "Creativity in Business". The process we use provides a foundation by which creative thinking is stimulated. As the process also helps to remove judgment, it doesn't really matter what encourages creative thinking as long as it happens!

    No surprise that people are complicated so it would stand to reason that the ways by which they come to creative thinking would also vary.

    I don't think that there is 'one' right way - the more tools, the more approaches available the better!

  • Gautam Ghosh

    here are two good links for Creativity Tools and Techniques

    Creative Thinking Techniques

    Creative thinking

  • Frank Patrick

    TOC Thinking Processes - a set of logical tools that describe the cause-effect relationships in an undesirable situation (the more complex -- more symptoms -- the better), identifies root cause(s) and breakthrough solutions for them that serve to build aligned sub-solution for the various symptoms.