Umm... Ever Heard of Compatibility?

I just discovered the most asinine thing (and yes, I decided to share, for that is the true prerogative of a blogger, no?). Working on a Mac, I can't access AOL Instant Messenger's "Express" Web-based service or Netscape's Web email using... Netscape's browser. AIM and Netscape Web email do, however, work beautifully on Internet Explorer. Oh well, so much for synergy.

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  • Bill Gates

    Ummmm, that's because you're using a computer with a non-existent market share? I can't help but laugh every time I hear a Mac user whine about why the world doesn't revolve around Apple. Steve, maybe if you guys comes up with a few more ultra-hip colors, that sentiment will change?


  • Factory Joe

    That's hardly the least of your woes as a non-Win/IE user. For instance, check out GMail with the latest Safari browser:

    "Gmail does not currently support your browser."