Trash to Treasure

Per Scholas is an organization that refurbishes old PCs for use by low-income families. Hershey's repurposes cocoa bean hulls to offer cocoa shell mulch for use by gardeners — hardly Hershey's core business, but an impressive way to channel a chocolate-making byproduct.

What do you and your organization create as "waste" that could actually be developed into a new product or service?

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  • Travis

    Technology Transfer approaches are varied. They include posting technolgy for either free or for licensing/sale. There's a site called Flintbox (BCIT) that hawks products/technology available from University research.

    Maybe something similar to this: a third party packager and distributor of this stuff.

    I read about a guy who's theory is that we have so much research we could learn knew things with what we already know. He wrote a computer program that searched all existing research papers looking for new discoveries that could be made using existing research. He discovered, among other things, a link between fish oil and Reynauld's syndrome. Can't remember his name.


  • Harsh Thakar

    Thats a interesting question!
    I work in the Software Industry.
    The Open Source community is a platform where some software companies channel their Sofwtare by-products (applications, utilities, sample code).
    But, the more important by-products from the are really intellectual in nature. They are ideas, thoughts, approaches, and other intangible things that come out from the Software Development Processes.
    Any ideas on how to channel these intellectual byproducts that we generate? It will be great to hear some suggestions!

  • David Wachtendonk

    At Starbucks we give away the used espresso grounds that customers can use for their gardens!